Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vintage Figgjo in the reappeared autumn

Winter-Fall 0-1. Hah, the snow disappeared before we could pronounce the adjective skiing. Autumn returned, presenting leaves and rain. Oh well, it's still zero degrees and freezing cold - and dark - but that's minor details.

At least we can pretend this is just a prolonging of the summer season.

We went playing in the sami kindergarten in the weekend. This artwork is watching the gate. It makes sounds in the wind, and looks like pots and pans put in a system.

I like it very much, I think it's colorful and great looking, and has various refereces to the indigenous culture.

This fella is hanging on a shed wall in the kindergarten. I bet it belonged to a proud male reindeer. The sami culture is very much alive and kicking in the north, adopting to a modern culture as well with it's international indegenous festival Riddu Riddu each year.

My latest love and passion. I got hold on this vintage breakfast serving set from Norwegian manufacturer Figgjo. Nowadays they only make chinaware for professional kitchens. In the old days everyone had them.

I think this must be from the 1960s, before the 70s bright colors and solid ware made an enterance. It's called Ruth, is serving 8 persons (when do one ever have eight persons over for breakfast, though?) and is in brilliant condition. What a bargain.

Strange how some pieces of porcelain can make you very happy. When I drove home from the lady who sold it I was so cheerful.

I feel this set has a lot of soul. And it suit's our 60s kitchen table just perfect.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

LOVE the breakfast set! Our autumn has taken a hike for warmer temps for a few days, but is scheduled to re-appear later in the week. Nice for now, tho!

Siri said...

For en flott blogg du har! =D
Jeg skal desverre ikke på flere julemesser før jul, men jeg strikker på bestlling og kan ferdigstille mindre prosjekter før jul ;)

Anonymous said...

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Kaylovesvintage said...

you are lucky..I love your Figgjo

hope to see you again


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