Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corner View: Holiday (in longing retrospect)

Ah, Jane's Corner View theme gave me a chance to remember last summers lovely holiday. I like summer, I long for it. Not having it makes me appreciate it more.

You lucky Australians.



Here are the higlights of right now:

* Sun coming back in six days. Will eat so many berliner buns - Sun Buns - that day I'll probobly get sick, like the rest of the city. Got an e-mail at work saying they will be served with hot chocolate at the lunch room. I'll manage at least three. Better not be cloudy!

* Fresh cod "le skrei" is at it's absolutely best. Yummy and oh so healthy. And king crab and shrimps.


* Mad Men 3 is soon out on DVD. That means I don't have to hassle the people at the DVD shop anymore. Dying to see what Betty is on about.

* The film festival that I have been going on about is just around the corner. BFC (before children) I used to watch films day and night, and party the rest - looking pale and locked up for days (which I was). Nowadays I'm lucky to szueeze in two movies. But they need to be obscure films that take me with surprise from a country I know little about. This year it's Iran and France (ok, I know France, have even lived there)

* Have received some wonderful gifts. More about that soon.


zelapin said...

i didn't understand many things, but one about i'm quite sure: the sun comes back soon (6 days?) and i think it will be a great moment for you (don't eat too much!).

Di said...

Hello! I love all your photos from last summer - it looks beautiful! I can't wait to hear about the sun return party! It sounds like something much needed....

Francesca said...

I love the cod&cot shot:)!

Tarek said...

I also love summer :) summer is great. It should come in few months

Kimbles said...

It must be lovely to know when the sun returns, here in the UK we never seem to know! Have a great celebration and you deserve all of those buns!

jane said...

you´ve got to show a picture of the buns. i´m counting the days down with you! warm hugs!

Anonymous said...

Seem like lovely highlights to me. Keep us posted!


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