Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow and even more of it

Snow as far as the eye kan see. This local figure doesn't seem too pleased about it though.

It's been snowing madly lately. The winter season is about to start for real.
So far its' just been reherseal.

The perfect winter snack for the play break: dried cod. Even though the smell is a bit...interesting at best, the taste is fantastic.

While waiting for winter to get serious we often host these kind of parties indoors. Would love you to come.


Kaylovesvintage said...

love the new blog header

Nancy said...

Oh, my, I LOVE that sledge in your banner! Even with all the snow we've had, we can't use it here because they clear the roads down to the asphalt.

Dried cod is hard to find around here, so I will have to trust you that it is yummy to eat as a snack!

nicola@which name? said...

i would love to join your indoor party!
you won one of the notecard sets on my give-away from last week. i would love your address to mail them to you. please email me!
italy_nicola AT yahoo DOT com.

whitey said...

You just barely get the sun back and now you get it with snow?

Valarie said...

The new header looks great. Oh my, winter hasn't even really started yet. I would love to come for coffee. I still have semlor left from the other day. Want some?
Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

A party sounds great -- I will be there : ) I love your new blog header.

liza said...

I, too, love the header! And your snow and your photos. We are starting to get more snow, too. Just so you know, it makes little difference to me if USA wins medals (I'd love to see the Norwegians win more, and was sad about the nordic skiing) I just love watching these healthy, incredible young kids pouring their hearts out!!


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