Monday, March 01, 2010

10 things that make me happy


Prairie Girl tagged me to share 10 things that makes me happy. An easy yet difficult one. The result is a mixture of everyday and (too)rarely.

Here's what making some of my days:

* Sea and mountains in every direction of the eye. Dunno if I could live without it.
* Laughing with friends.
* Weekends and holidays and my family.
* Running (or after running to be precise).
* Earl Grey tea in the morning.
* Speaking French and listening to French music. (Going to France would be on my ecstatic-list).
* Having dinner. I get very difficult to be around without.
* A sudden babysit offer that enables us do something different than yesterday (aspiring to my excastic list).
* Eating sushi.
* Vintage finds (That only makes me happy, not Arctic Dad).

The snowball is rolling, go make that list, girls:
The list writer
Knitty, vintage and rosy
And don't forget the Giveaway below!


The List Writer said...

Oh, I DO love a good list! Off to think up one of my own right now. Thanks for the tag.

kendra said...

lovely list - what french music do you listen to? i haven't gotten much beyond edith piaf! ; )

Kaylovesvintage said...

so you speak french,cool

Francesca said...

Sea & mountain make a perfect view!

Arctic Mum: said...

For French music, I'm afraid I'm a bit stuck in the 1990s, because that was the decade I ran around in France. A lot of Vanessa Paradis (love her), Manou, MC Solaar, Francis Cabrel, Dutronc, Gainsbourg, Mylene Farmer, Rita Mitsouko even Johnny Hallyday. I'm so out of what to listen to from this decade. Can somebody please update me?

Anonymous said...

Thank you; that list brightened my day!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hello artic mum ~
thanks so much for sharing your list ... your happiness is heartwarming ~ i smiled reading each and every one ...
i especially grinned at your 'running' ... or 'after running' ... my husband is a cross country runner and he often says there are two times when you should go for a run ... when you feel like it and when you don't ... and on those 'don't' days when it is minus 30 and he comes back all frosted over, i have to admire that determination and drive ... i think he would wholeheartedly agree with you about the 'after running' ...
off to check out your snowball list!
happy sunday,
prairiegirl xo

Siena said...

Thanks for the useful challenge - I have finally made my list.


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