Thursday, April 15, 2010

April back in white

This time last year I posted how winter stroke back once we started to get cozy with spring signs.

No surprise same thing happened this year. April always comes along with a blizzard or two.

Hopefully this car will not be looking like this the rest of April.

In a couple of weeks I'll be going to the Svalbard Archipelago, as close to the North Pole you can come without being a mad explorer. Will bring my camera.

Hope there are no hungry polar bears around.


Nancy / summersky said...

I will be curious to hear about your trip!

I hope there are no more blizzards for you.

Valarie said...

Oh no, what happened to spring? Svalbard sounds exciting. Look forward to seeing your photos.

Di said...

Sorry to hear about the snow.....but I am really looking forward to hearing about your trip to Svalbard! I hope you do se a polar bear (but not too close!) I am off to the north of my country too soon - off to the Orkney ISlands - but i can guarantee that there won't be any polar bears!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, the snow. You really are living in a different world right now!

I had never heard of Svalbard, and after reading about it, I'm totally bent on going someday. I love the end-of-the-Earth aspect of it. Can't wait to see photos!

Siena said...

I have something for you in my blog! (and I have sent you a pm on FB).

Francesca said...

I'm sorry for the late snow, this is the time of year when one is ready for spring. But your trip to the almost polar wilderness sounds great and exciting.

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Your friend, Camille


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