Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summerspring is here!

It's official: summerspring has landed. How we have waited and waited.

When spring is finally here it's just a matter of leaving the house as quickly as you can and track the shore. And that's where you'll find us to the end of August.

No, this is not a robber on his way to empty the petroleum fund. Only Arctic Dad who's just not right there yet.

Lots and lots of these summerspring days to come: enjoying outdoor life out of these cups.

And the midnight sun is just around the corner.


Di said...

It looks beautiful! Long may summerspring and summer continue! Enjoy the sea! I was on the beach yesterday for a run - it's so nice to be outdoors next to the sea!

Skrekk & Gru said...

hurra, endelig!

Theresa said...

You must be so happy!

Nancy said...

so glad the melting has started in earnest! It's great you can enjoy the outdoors and sunny days.

likeschocolate said...

Looks like everyone had a great day. My children love playing in the water.

Stephanie said...

OK, how much do I love your country, with all this winterspring/summerspring going on?:)

Can't wait to see midnight sun from your perspective.

GundaM said...

Beundrer deg som bor så langt nord ! Og ja, kom til trøndelag og besøk Containergirls shop ;)

Flott blogg du har! Pst, finnes det driv ved der på stranden mon tro..?


Donyale said...

Summerspring starts for you and Autumnwinter for us....we are rugging up and putting the heater on, snuggling under our doonas and hopping over cold floors in the morning. I love seeing a different world so far away through your photos.


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