Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pictures from Boston

Back from Boston. I'm full of impressions of this beautiful city.

Some observations:
* Lots of people jogging.
* Lobster Ravioli in Charles Street: v v nice.
* People dress up for work and down for dinner. We do the excact opposite.
* Tax and tip must to be added to the bill. My philological brain just crashed.
* Harvard souvenirs are big industry. I myself went crazy in the shop as you can see. Who knows what lilac drinking bottles can lead to in the future...
* I feel I've got a glimpse of the US. But is it the real?

Arrived home to winterautumn with snow and househunting. A rewatch of Good Will Hunting and Legally Blonde is also up!


Skrekk o Gru said...

supre bilder - fikk lyst til å reise nå!

likeschocolate said...

My husband feels the same way about college shirt. He feels like it will give our children ambition to strive for the best schools. Glad you had a fantastic trip!

Di said...

I am glad that you like Boston - it is a favourite city of mine......Beacon Hill, swan boats in the park, neat shops in Cambridge....and yes Harvard is very big business.

I liked your observations too!

Ida Nielsen said...

Oh, that is the exact same street :-) It's lovely! It looks like you've had a great trip!

Dorit said...

Slightly jealous here :) And you flew just above me!
Love your pictures and your observations, especially that one about dressing up and down. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Is it real? It is and it isn't. The US is extremely unhomogenous. For one thing, you visited the most elite university in the US if not the world. A small town in the Midwest, for instance, would definitely be a different experience. The marketing of university merchandise is somewhat ubiquitous, though! As is Starbucks. But, no, Cambridge is not "real" in the sense of representative of the general or average mood or character of the US. But there are, of course, common denominators wherever you go in the US, in my experience. I love seeing this with a visitor's eyes; especially love that photo with the flag tucked away on a back street, but proudly displayed nonetheless! I hope you had a great trip--I'm assuming you had academic business at Harvard, and it's never too young to think about the future, especially since the US is quite welcoming to foreign students.

ibb said...

WOW what beautiful photos...lovely moments.

Arctic Mum said...

Dear Anonymous. The glimpse of the US that I got to see made me want to see more, know more. It's such a huge country and that implies of course that it's unhomogenous. Norway is in comparaison tiny with a little less than 5 million people! I'm so happy there are american blogs to read from all kinds of places and with different subjects. That's traveling in itself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are like a huge patchwork, "crazy" quilt; not really the "melting pot" that some had envisioned or desired. I hope you do come back and see more! And I hope I can see Norway sometime, too.


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