Thursday, November 25, 2010

New view to the Northern Lights

New house means brand new view. I like this rented house so much I may have to chain demonstrate to leave in August.

The Northern Lights is very much in our view. But instead of me freezing my fingers off trying to capture it with my camera with all the light pollution present, you'd be better of checking out this CC Vimeo Northern Lights video from my area. It's magical.

Aurora Borealis timelapse HD - Tromsø 2010 from Tor Even Mathisen on Vimeo.


MissGinger said...

i think you should do a giveaway where we can come and stay and see!

Di said...

What a lovely new view! I know how it is to enjoy such a view ;o)

Donyale said...

I watched this a few days ago from a friend's link - it's lovely. My son was entranced. He told me that is how you know where Santa lives because he lives at the end of the Northern Lights.

farnell doodles said...

great video.

We don't have snow much but we have snow today.

Exciting for us Brits.

denise said...


Martha in Kansas (US) said...

Wow! Thanks for posting that. I'd only seen stills of the lights.

coco said...

this must be your typical winter scene. how nice. i miss snow.


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