Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kitchen Demolition Dynasty

Snowfall again today. Is it the last of the season? Who knows, anything can happen in the Arctic.

This little lady is four today. She may be a future optician, with a little help from her friend granddad.

Kitchen demolition

We've demolished the kitchen in the new house. To our surprise it means we definately need a new kitchen, and in a month and a half. I've heard projects like these cause divorce. Cross fingers!

Granny square pillow

My friend Teresa in London sent us our first house warming gift, a granny square pillow! We used to chase cheap Bordeaux and men together in France. Now she chases vintage goodnesses for me on e-bay.

Little Miss rabbit vintage lego on the road

She's also the woman behind this vintage lego loveliness that my eldest daughter guards with her life from her little sister.

Still some time to enter my giveaway! Update: Meg in Wisconsin won the Qualman-book! Check out her great blog!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

What a beautiful birthday portrait with her Granddad! Happy 4th birthday to her!

Your kitchen will be wonderful & fun to create.... best of luck!

Skrekk o Gru said...

Heia. Det her innlegget er på min maskin datert på onsdag, men jeg fikk det ikke opp nå. Har du sjekket datoinstilling på maskinen din? Fine bilder:)

Malyss said...

A kitchen does not deserve a divorce!But a new kitchen will deserve a great celebration! :o)

likeschocolate said...

Boy are you brave. I don't think I could renovate a kitchen while pregnant. My nerves would get the best of me. My husband said something to me today and it was totally innocent on his part, but I started crying.

ibb said...

Good luck with kitchen...

Max said...

OMG! That vintage lego is amazing, I've never seen any like that before, soooo pretty, lucky little girl!
I'm really enjoying your blog. Ialways wanted to go live somewhere ultra/cold snowy for a winter. Until I get the chance,I can do it vicariously through your blog!


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