Saturday, May 28, 2011

Attemps of Capturing the Midnight Sun

More and less clear pictures of the Midnight Sun. It's up all night and mysteriously gone by morning.

Oh, and the last photo - it snowed the other day. Had to capture that too, so you would believe me. I don't even know if I believe it myself.

I hope you have a good weekend!


Francesca said...

Snow at the end of May, and midnight sun sound all bizarre to my Mediterranean soul - but they look magic in your photos.

Malyss said...

I have just to copy what Francesca said! :)
you can't probably imagine how much we DREAM about all that!
here in France, to day is Mother's Day: so Happy Mother's day to you!
Have a nice week-end!

demie said...

Fine bilder! Opplevde midnattsol bare en gang mange år siden i Harstad... Fantastisk : ) Liker bloggen din . Jeg følger med : )

ibb said...

Snow, that north light, midnight as morning light...strange, misterious and lovely for this normal going sould.

Anonymous said...

Gosh those photos do look like a slightly different reality than the rest of us experience! Beautifully so.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about this all my life but I still don't understand it! When is it light and when is it dark again?

Arctic Mum said...

Hi, Anonymous. The Midnight Sun appears around the 16th of May, and ends 21st of July around here. But it's gradually getting lighter from March. In the autumn it's getting darker and darker, and mid-november to mid-January there is little daylight. I enjoy these transformations, and there is nothing like 24 hours daylight. It's fantastic.


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