Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Uncle's Cabin II: Vintage

Cabin duvet

Plate holder

The embroided bunad couple

Lamp and decoration

Old blankets

Pot holders

Old Figgjo plate

Troll with candle stick

When they bought the cabin it seemed untouched from the 60's - filled with typical Norwegian objects from the time. They've decided to leave it like that, and the result is a real "hytte" feeling.

I'd like to welcome all new readers who's entered via Trift Core: Thrifters around the world and my feature there. Please stay if you like!

And when I said I'd hurry up to capture the Arctic summer in my last post: It seems that back to stockings before you know it is now.

See you soon!


Christine said...

Hi! I found you on Thrift Core. I am your newest follower. I am fascinated by your midnight sun and chilly weather. Here in my California town we are forecast to have temps of 105 (40.5) today. I love your photos.

thrift shopper for peace said...

just found you on thrift core - what a great interview and i love your blog. your photos are wonderful! we're longing for summer here in Canada too - we think i may have arrived yesterday on the Summer Solstice.

Van said...

I LOVE the mix of textures, colors, and traditional object in the cabin. The little peeks into your life up North are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thrifting adventures with my readers today :) !

Malyss said...

I like those colorful things, especially the trays and the embroidery (pic 2 and 3) I make a lot of cross stitch and I like these pattern !
if you need summer, please feel free to come here, it's soooooo hot already, and full of tourists!That's why I love your blog, so refreshing for me! :o)

Dorit said...

stockings here too, nice vintage features

Thrifted Treasure said...

what a beautiful cabin! Found your blog through thriftcore and LOVE it, definitely sticking around :-)

ibb said...

Love those details, the tray hanger, those crochets...lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, stockings here in Aberdeen too. Your photos made me think that I really should use wall space to store things more often! So many things hanging on the wall - and you can see and enjoy them as well as use them.
I hope you're keeping very well! The cabin looks like a great place.

liza said...

Very sweet cabin. Four weeks to go... you can do it! I think of you and your never-ending days often! Ours are long now and I love it, though I think I'd go crazy with no darkness at all. No bears...though I thought about it as I got further in. I have not heard of one encounter here yet this year, strangely enough. Though there have been a number of moose sightings! Happy happy weekend to you!

Conny's Cottage said...

That is lovely.

hugs Conny

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Your uncle's cabin looks just like my grandmother's hytte just south of Bergen. My favourite place in the world. My cousin has it now, but keeps it as it was, but with sympathetic alterations (the toilet is joined to the cottage, not at the end of the garden now!) thanks for sharing the photos, took me back to childhood!


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