Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blackcurrants for the weekend

The weekends are a whirlwind of children running around, nursing in between, tidying and doing the best to keep up the domestic service industry (without a domestic outburst).

We picked blackcurrant from the garden, making juice. I feel a bit 50s housewife doing just that - I guess it's a generation thing to have an ironic distance towards it. But it's so satisfying!

The annual garden party for my book circle was held inside. We're in the Arctic after all, and it's getting colder.

My six year old starts school tomorrow for the first time! Note to self: skip mascara. Pictures will come and also a name for our baby.

You should watch the beautiful and moving Memorial ceremony for the terrorist victims 22/7. It'll make you cry and hug the ones you love.

See you very soon!


Teresa said...

Lots of luck to the Big Girl for her first day at school! :-) Your blackcurrant fun sounded splendid. And don't forget all of that lovely Vit C to keep you healthy through the long arctic winter ahead (sorry to remind you ;-))... hope you're freezing some berries too!

I've just watched the memorial ceremony - it is so sad and so beautiful. Sending a big hug!

jane said...

I'm so late! Congratulations! She's beautiful! I'm so happy for you! I guess no more movies for a while;)
Big hugs!
P.S. I remember Sara's first day- i was practically bawling and she just skipped away with hardly a "goodbye." :)


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