Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Sun Day!

At noon we dressed well and walked the three minutes to the pond. We met neighbours and tourists with cameras. And we met the sun.

How can I express how it felt to see the sun after two months of darkness? Most of all I felt alive, moved and present in the world. Like I'm part of something big. Like we all are.

You really feel the change of seasons here. I wouldn't want anything else.

Are any of you on Instagram? Come find me! I'm Arcticmum.


Malyss said...

It's so hard to imagine!We never stop having sun and light here. Once in my life, I'd like to share your feeling..

liza said...

I agree that it is so hard to imagine. I'm so happy for you! Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is a beautiful photo. Happy Sun Day!

likeschocolate said...

Love the photo. Your daughter looks like a little gnome with her hat. Congratulations on having sun filled days again.

Anonymous said...

Yea sun!!! I can't imagine the sun going away for so long. WELCOME BACK!

69point23degrees said...

Gratulerer med sola!

I'm looking forward to it coming here.

Theresa said...

A very happy sight! Happy to say hello again :)

ibb said...

Lovely photos...days here are getting longer and that is something that make me happy.
Love those lights!


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