Thursday, May 10, 2012

Housetour: Hello, Marianne!


My new friend Marianne lives in a flat with her family. We can chat for hours about flea market finds and retro stuff. Talking about shared interests! Look at those floors, don't you love them.

I  like her style, retro with a warm touch - and not overdone. Hey, we don't want to live in a museum!

Or, by second thought, maybe that would be fantastic.

Have a great weekend! It's melting in the Arctic. Just not yet in my garden.


Tracey said...

Your friend has some great finds, good to hear you will see the grass soon!
Sooooo wet in Lomdon its horrid.

likeschocolate said...

I use to have a chalk board like that when I was little.

ibb said...

Floors are incredible!
Love the atmosphere...
Enjoy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I recognise the chalkboard too! Marianne's house looks really welcoming and fun.

Anonymous said...

Nice, I especially like the purple curtains. You would never know it's an apartment because it's so homey. I think Europeans have a special knack for this that I confess I steal and copy abundantly. Thanks! ;)


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