Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Summer Arrived To The Arctic

One week ago it was snowing and I had to walk to work because we didn't dare to drive up the hill. Now summer suddenly arrived, from one day to another.

We skipped spring this year. Like every year. 

I can't tell you how happy my kids are to wear shorts. They needed that. We all did.

Remember I promised to become a garden goddess? I'm getting there this year, having planted oregano, thyme, parsley, salvia, lemon balm and rosemary. And some flowers too. Next challenge is to keep them alive.

Have a wonderful weekend. I will officially wear a t-shirt!


Kaylovesvintage said...

enjoy the sun and watch gardners world

la casita said...

Oh finally, happy gardening!

Di said...

Happy summer! It's been cold and raining here in Scotland today - depressing! I want to wear summer clothes -even Scottish summer clothes!

I can't wait to see what grows. I have 2 tomato plants at home.

Dorit Hansen said...

I admire you, I haven't planted anything, and I'm afraid our summer only lasted three days this year ;) (always the pessemistic)

likeschocolate said...

Yahoo! So glad summer has arrived in your part of the world.

ibb said...

Enjoy those summer long days!

coco said...

i am glad to hear summer has arrived to you finally.
it seems like you are making fun herb garden. enjoy the green and sunshine.

Ida Thue said...

Yay! Good luck on the garden ;-)


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