Sunday, September 30, 2012

Walk The Baby Walk

Today we were one child parents again. The big girls visited friends and we took our baby for a walk in the autumn forest. Such a treat when you're used to divide attention into three.

She started walking today too. She was proud and surprised to stand up and walk on her own. I don't think she saw it coming. Now the only way is up and forward!

A new working week awaits, what about you, my friends?

We can't stop watching and laughing at the swedish comedy series Solsidan. It's middle class on the spot.

Have a good week!


Sweetina said...

congratulations on your baby's first steps! The Autumn colours look beautiful in your town. Have a good workweek. I have just started working again 2 weeks ago,
See you on Instagram.

likeschocolate said...

I love when I get one on one time with each of the chidren. Way to go Anna! There is no stopping her now.

Teresa said...

Hurrah for Anna!! Lovely news to start the week! This week Maia starts pre school full time and I get some time to finally send you that long overdue email ;-) :-)...X

Satu VW said...

Those kind of autumn pictures with baby in the backpack look very familiar, we've been spending the sunny autumn days outside as well exploring.

We're waiting for those first steps to happen any day now (or it could be a week or month...) with our 10,5 month old, hurrah for Anna though!! :)

ibb said...

Those landscapes look really nice. And reminds me when my father bring us in his back to play in the forest!
Enjoy a lot

Di said...

Congratulations to your little one! There will be no sitting still now.

I am starting my working week today - was on holiday yesterday coming home from a few days in Italy (for work and pleasure) and it's only a 2 day week as I have a family wedding and family visiting from the USA - yippee!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations, to Anna and to you! So glad you had some time just with her for a change, and the fall colors look beautiful.


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