Monday, November 19, 2012

The Market: The Sales

Huge earrings, plenty of cushion covers. Sold 35 of them at the market last weekend, and I'm pleased.

Most of them to people I know, actually - of which I conclude two things:

1. My friends have the same taste as me
2. They support and cheer on me, which I totally dig

I spoke to a Finnish woman at the market who said the retro trend is all over the place over there, so I guess it will crawl over here soon. I'll be standby.

Tomorrow we're heading into Polar Night. I wish I had a few last sun-photos to show you, but it's not been seen in weeks already. Have a look at my Polar Night Crash Course series from last year. It applies this season too! (and next, and next, and next...)

P.S There will be a cushion cover giveaway soon.

Have a good week!


Di said...

Congratulations on the sales! I would say that was a successful day.

Wishing you well for polar night! We were lucky enough to see the sun this weekend but this week it's forecast to be grey and!

Tracey said...

oh good to hear you sold plenty , well done.
Good luck with the darkness.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love all your lovely cushion covers! I can't believe it is already time for Polar Night I remember your blogs from last just does not seem that long ago. Good luck & keep your spirits up!

Anaïs said...

Oh Mali! I'd like to have your post address to send you a special wish for this polar night! You can't imagine how serious I followed your posts last year, and was inspired!
I'll announce the beginning of polar night to my sons tomorrow, they liked this information last year!

likeschocolate said...

Yeah! Congratulations on your success !

Teresa said...

Beautiful cushion covers, beautiful you! Congrats!! A nice post to brighten up my dull London morning here... :-)

Satsuki said...

Great sales ! And I love the earrings but I guess it's the kind of thing you can wear only when far from a baby's curious hands… I can't believe that Polar Night starts already !

Vince Stephen said...

Those are some great earrings, Mali.

I guess if polar night has arrived in Tromsø that means I've been following your blog for a year now. It's been fun and long may it last!

Here in Nordreisa we lost the sun a few days ago too. For the moment it still paints lovely colours in the sky for a few hours a day.

christinelaennec said...

What a great photo of you, Mali! I'm so happy you sold so much, and had fun. Good luck going into the Polar Night. I remember your guide very well! Basically, be like a 90-year-old woman! :-)

Anonymous said...
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God som Grønn said...

Heihei, så gøy å se bilde av deg!!

Og så fine putetrekk - mye venner som kjøpte av meg og i starten, det har endret seg litt etterhvert. Og så lenge man har et produkt man er stolt av og mener alle kan trenger skal man ikke ha dårlig samvittighet for det. De hadde ikke kjøpt (håper jeg i alle fall) om de syntes det du (vi) lager var helt håpløst...


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