Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sun Is Back With Us

The sun came out one day too early. It was just a lovely day today, so we could see it behind the mountains.

Tomorrow is the official Sun Day. My daughters will get hot chocolate and sun buns in school and kindergarten. It will be a nice Monday! (and we all know Mondays are not generally nice)

Last year we walked to the frozen pond and spotted the sun from there
In 2011 we had the bun only, and no sun on the sun day
The year before that we only had the bun too!

I am so ready for lighter days.

Wishing you a good Monday too, with or without sun.


Di said...

Welcome back sun!!! I think we will be getting snow tomorrow and not a lot of sun!

likeschocolate said...


Sweetina said...

Happy Sun day! That is a Gorgeous photo,

rebi edel said...

Happy Day!
On the other hand: We have the snow back!
Have to agree with that...

Vince Stephen said...

Yay! It must be coming to us this week too! I can't wait. Today is the greyest, wettest Monday in a long time.

Hope the weather is better for Sun Day in Tromsø than it is over here.

globeonmytable said...

Congratulations on having the actual sun shine again.

Tracey said...

Looks perfect enjoy the day! x

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Welcome sunshine! Beautiful photo! Enjoy!

Menthe Blanche said...

Oh great! You must be happy to see it again!

coco said...

lovely scene. i am glad sun is
coming closer to you.

Cristina C said...

Interesting blog. Welcome to
:) Take care!


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