Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!

We're enjoying a few days off school and work. We don't decorate much for Easter, but yellow tulips just make me so happy!

Spending time outdoors in the snow, still fallin' like there's no tomorrow. I guess it will stop sometime in June.

The girls wanted to sleep in a tent in the garden. Not working for snow reasons (plus I don't think I dare to let them unattended, even though I slept in a tent in the garden all the time as a child, and I bet you did too!)

So we camped inside in the livingroom. It's so cozy, the tent will be up until school starts!

Wishing you a nice Easter break too:)


Tracey said...

Nothing better then indoor camping enjoy the break. x

Satsuki said...

Love the tulips, they're beautiful ! If my oldest son sees your indoor tent, he will surely want to do the same… and well, why not ? Happy Easter to you and your family !

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Lovely yellow tulips....& cozy indoor camping....what fun ...& happy memories in the making! Happy Easter to you & your sweet family!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

HOw fun! I think my kids would love to sleep in a tent in the living room. I agree though I would not let them sleep outside by themselves. We live in big scary american. You never no the creeps that lurk around the corner.

Vince Stephen said...

Tulips make me feel happy too.

tove said...

En litt sen påskehilsen fra meg... Håper du har hatt noen deilige fridager. Har vært bortreist i påsken, flyktet fra vinteren en uke:-) Så fint påskebord og skjønne barn! Så morsomt de har hatt det med camping inne:-)

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks like you had a nice vintage

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