Monday, November 24, 2008

Bye, bye sun. Hello winterness

The sun is now gone, and this photo above is the last goodbye. The twilight was at noon that day, and the next time we'll meet the sun is the 21th of january 2009. But we are prepared to face the polar night. With candles, red wine, knitting, DVDs and good friends. And the daylight-lamp at work!

This is taken from our veranda. And I put it on my weblog to convince my good friend Hege that the Arctic is much to prefer from the sunny California. I promise.

The path around the lake is snowy now. However this is only the second time the snow has come. Apparently it'll lay permanently the third time.

Winter means lots of sliding and play in the snow. And it's gonna be lots of it, right through April.

Just minutes from our house. The trees are so beautiful, and the light is fantastic. You just have to run outside and enjoy the daylight for as long as it lasts these days! At work I sit by the computer and watch the light outside come...and go. Luckily we are allowed to go for a little walk during the day just to profit from some daylight.

Lil dances a tango for the sunlight, in her brand new dress from Retro Elephant. It'll be her Xmas dress, and I love the little rabbits that jump along with her.


Camilla said...

kjempefine bilder!

Hege said...

Beautiful! I’m not altogether convinced, but must admit there is a fair chance I’ll end up in the arctic anyhow...

Retro Elephant said...

Så söt hon är! :) Har lagt en länk nu till din blogg.



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