Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter activity - indoors

Nothing as comforting as staying in while the snow storm rages outside...


...while reading about another area of the world where there are lots of space between houses; Wyoming, US.

This beautifully written book called The Meadow by James Galvin is this months read in my book circle. The novel is like a poem; hitting you like you'd never expect. It has descriptions of endless snow, a little bit like in the Arctic, but it has a genuin american feel that can't be mistaken. The people live roughly in a harsh landscape, but their love of the surroundings is always there. Highly recommended for reading in the winter time! (not too bad alongside a cup of hot tea)

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After I started work I've disgracefully neglected this blog. I promise to improve, and try to update this blog every week, sharing daily arctic experiences. And sometimes Arctic Mum leaves the Arctic to stay amongst regular people. And you will hear about that too.

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Camilla said...

så koslig at du blogger igjen!


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