Sunday, March 22, 2009

Someone said spring?

As the world around prepares for spring, we are preparing for, well, more winter. Today it just wouldn't stop snowing. This is the time of year when I stop bying interior decoration magazines. They are just too full of gardening stuff.

On the veranda the icecicles are still hanging strong.

The snow plough men are busy. This is the pile of snow they've so beautifully created right outside our window. It keeps getting bigger, and children are playing on it. Wonder when it'll melt off.

I guess it's just a matter of relaxing with a coffee while waiting for spring. This funky mug is from the finnish Moomin collection. I get a mug like this every time I donate blood. Actually these mugs are the reason I signed up as a blood donor in the first place (but that's a secret).


André said...

Flott innlegg, Mali. Men kruset er det vel jeg som har fått?

Katrine With Eielsen said...

Herlige bilder. Fikk lyst på lenger vinter. Er blant dem som må kjøpe Mummikopper, siden jeg fikk sparken som blodgiver pga pinglete reaksjon (svimer av). Raska til meg to Mummiglass før jeg ble sletta fra blodbanken, men har knust dem nå.

Katrine With Eielsen said...

...så jeg måtte kjøpe fire nye. Katrine - Blodbanken 0-1.

Elisabeth said...

Så fine bilder, får helt vinterstemning... Her i Danmark har de nettopp innført at vi blodgivere får 2 kinobilletter for hver 25.gang vi gir blod. Jeg gleder meg, har vært der 23. ganger nu. Skal spørre neste gang om de har vurdert Mummi-krus, kanskje det ville bli flere donorer da?

readersguide said...

Hey! Moomin mugs! I have some, too, although it is no longer easy to buy them in the US. I will have to come to the Arctic.


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