Sunday, May 24, 2009

Midnight Sun, Good Morning

Finally some kind of spring, and in comes the midnight sun. This photo is taken at three in the morning, at some friends' wedding. We were dancing to Madonna while the sun blinded our eyes. Afterwards we stumbled home in the light, feeling tired but (quite) fresh.

Seems we couldn't hold that camera still after all. Blame the booze.

Such a typical scenery: on the beach with the mountains still covered in snow, and the children still wearing hats. But we're getting in that right direction now.

Hey, don't steel our food, U naughty seagull. These birds are just too spoiled on kebabs and donuts, and will steal buns out of children's hands. They keep us awake at night, and in a couple of weeks they'll start attacking us. Must wear bicycle helmet to daycare.
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