Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sunspotting at 3.40 am

I took these two pictures at 3.40 am. My daugher was awake, and after I'd put her to sleep I wandered into the kitchen and livingroom. The sun was shining through the windows, creating shadows all auround, it was quite magical. I went back to sleep in the light, cause those blinding curtains ain't working that well. The sun was all gone this morning.

Why, why don't you shine during the day instead? It was like this last year too, U shining all night, hiding all day. Can't turn around the day/night just because of you.
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André said...

Burde du ikke ha kostet bort brødsmulene før du tok bilder av kjøkkenet vårt?

Ellers veldig fint innlegg. La oss håpe sola hører deg :)

Jonas said...

Enig, massevis av smuler


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