Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer comforts

I had a book shopping spree on the Internet the other day. Originally I meant to order only two books for my book circle, but ended up with five - maybe as a summer comfort as there is lack of summer. "What not to wear" by Trinny & Susannah being a total impulse buy, and "Flea market style" is something I'll never end up with in my house - but I like the look. As for Trinny & Susannah; I actually had a revelation reading the thing. No more singlets - no I don't look good in them, and enter the v-necks. I'll throw out half my wardrobe. Most def (as they say in The Wire).

The bricks on my late grandmother's red barn, laid by hand, a long, long time ago.

We went cabin tripping again, having a photo feast by the local waterfall.

The snow still lingers on the mountain tops. Actually the summer is kind of depressing this year in the north, not being any. My daughter asked me when "the hot summer is starting". "When we'll go to Denmark soon", I answered.
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kerstins blogg said...

Nice pictures :)

Siena said...

Fine bilder ja! Hva syntes du om Vente, blinke da? En av mine favorittbøker i år!


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