Monday, July 27, 2009

In the square world of cabins

Imagine some one once made these rather grandmotherly (but these days very fashionable) pillows of some very itchy yarn. Not that comfy to put under your head, but quite beautiful to look at. The pillows were residents of an old house that we rented for a mini-break, on the island of Senja. More of that later.

The interior of the house seemed untouched from the fifties. Of some reason there were lots of square pattern going on. Maybe norwegian cabin owners love square pattern things, and can't live without it?

Another evidence of my theory of norwegian cabins: The lamps are of course in a square pattern, cabin style. But it's very, very cosy with all these things, I must admit.

The best thing with the cabin: an old children's bed that you can pull out and and make bigger. I guess it used to be shared between plenty of sibling. This time only two.
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Camilla said...

så koselig det så ut:)

denise said...

The patterns on the pillows remind me of the patterns my Latvian grandmother used to stitch on pillows. Memories...


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