Thursday, July 30, 2009

Holiday in a living postcard

The Senja Island is like the more attractive, but not yet discovered little sister to The Lofoten Islands. While the tourist herd attacks Lofoten and leave no toilet untouched, Senja just lies there in a middle of a postcard. It's a mystery that not more people discover these breathtaking mountains that almost come alive. They serve local seafood who'll eat a Paris restaurant alive, too.

Suddenly a beach came up of nowhere, perfect sand, blue water (swimming not for wimps) Guess what's out there behind the horizon. Greenland.

Who doesn't want to live in a swiss puzzle for a while?

Senja even has it's own troll, apparently the biggest one in the world. I think it's a really sweet kind of troll, not the scary type.

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Anonymous said...

Is Senja far north i Norway?

Arctic Mum: said...

Hi! It's a bit south of the city of Tromsø, so yes, it's quite far north. If you look up a map of Norway, you'll find it there. Have a look here as well:

Betty said...

Desire to visit Senja to seek ansestral connections in area around Kaldfarnis.
Norse from Minnesota


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