Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out cod hunting

As the summer is about to end, it's time for recalling some of the best moments. This was definately one of the best: fishing in the small, old boat, but not in the big sea. More like just outside the doorstep. Plenty of cod, still!

We caught a few cod, with the distinctive beard on.

You don't get the food more fresh than this: 10 minutes after it's on land, it's prepared and cooked on the spot, only with some ground pepper, salt and spring onion. Absolutely delicious (and good for your health as well)

Just one of those summer days in the north, where the sun is out and the wind blows from south. One has to cherish those days, and run out as fast as one can. Cause suddenly the precious short summer is over. It's actually over in this moment. But I'll still prolong it by posting more photos.
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Anonymous said...


Saw your pics of Cod Fishes ...kekeke Looks like you had caught a family~! (^e^)

Love Your pics and place..Hope there is a chance for me to visit it.

Kind Regards,
Singapore Reader
( A Place that is so hot throughout and yet ironically a garden city)


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