Monday, August 24, 2009

A brief summer is over

As the autumn season knocks insistingly on the door, I recall this summers' avdentures in the north. We had a fantastic warm summer this year, with a lot of toes in the sand. We enjoyed every single moment of it, and I wish it could just go on and on. No stockings and fleeze on the kids, only sandals and skirts.

We still hope for warm days for picking berries in september.

So let's just pretend the snow on the mountains last week never happened, people.

The highlight of the summer was tenting on the beach. It was absolutely fantastic: a long beach with shallow water, barbeque, constant sun and happiness. Less than an hour from home.

The children actually fell asleep in the tent, leaving the parents to sip red wine and smoke sigarettes in front of a tv show that would be even to real for National Geographic: the live sunset of the Midnight Sun, saying good bye for now.

At midnight the sun set behind my favourite mountain "Håja". I must admit I feel a bit melancholic looking at these photos. The summers are so brief around here. They're over before they even start.

What did you do this summer?

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Kjersti said...

Her skriver man kommentar ja! Hehe.. Skulle bare få ut at det er utrolig morro å følge dere via bloggen din og at du skriver så nydelig og har fantastiske bilder!

Arctic Mum: said...

Å, så koselig søte deg! Savner dere!

sarah london said...

amazing photos!


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