Monday, August 31, 2009

Grandmother revisited

Being inspired by the Granny festival by Dottie Angel, I had to collect and show my own heritage. Only small, some would say unimportant things, but the personal value is priceless. She crocheted this "granny blanket" sometime in the 1980s, and the pillow too. Serves today as cover for the chair.

Must put granny squares crocheting on my list for what to learn this year. Besides managing it all, I mean.

They loved their colored glassware in the older days. And I love it too. Serves as sugar cup and such likes. There is even a metallic plate that used to be so popular in the 1960s, and collective items today.

My grandmother used to work all the time, and never sat still: cleaning, cooking, farming, fishing. Like all the women along the coast.

Some more glassware that serves as perfect dessert plates today, and a fantastic big red bowl to serve... a bowl for the next coctail party?

The underdress is in a thin, shere fabric and my favourite beach dress. It weighs nothing. The other one is just bright and funny, and reminds me of my grandmother in her garden.

Being this inspired I may just have to post photos of the things from my grandmother on my father's side as well, like furniture and the "bunad". Have started to get comments too, which is fun!

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