Monday, September 21, 2009

Nosy reindeer encounter

We went on a cabin trip on an island an hour and a ferry trip away. The island is known for its wild life. Quite a few people live there, the fish industri is big. And all those city folks with houses. But not this one. It's definately abandonded.

And look who turned up just around the corner! This gang of reindeers. They acted like some very nosy neigbours, measureing me up and down. I sneaked back around the corner of the house, made a big circle around them and walked back by the ocean instead. I must admit I imagined the big guy in the group running after me, so I avoided to walk pass them. Later i saw the leader bully one of the others with only one horn. Clearly he was left in the dark by the gang.

We met this lot as well: sheep looking for some gourmet grass outside the cabin. We saw eagles too, but the camera didn't cooperate. We also had an encounter with the ponnies Johnny and Benoni, but they were rather uninterested in us.

Now it's once again time for hats and warm clothes, and it feels like a bit of a bummer, actually. But we enjoy a storm now and then!

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Prairie Girl Studio said...

hi there artic mum!
so happy to actually have a moment to leave a comment today ... as i am so drawn to your blog and where you live. i love the north and all it's raw beauty ~ it must be enchanting to be so close to the ocean ... i LOVE the photo of the shoreline and the sheep ... warm wishes to you and yours as you snuggle in with the cool airs arriving ~


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