Monday, October 12, 2009

The cold facts of life


Here we go again. As you can se here: Winter has arrived to our town, dressed as minus 2 degrees celcius. I have a bit of trouble welcoming this guest, as I'm still working on getting over Summer and Fall leaving me. But it's a matter of moving on, isn't it?


So, where do I find inspiration when the flowers diseappar?

1. Curling op on the sofa with a big cup of tea, candles, crisps and Mad Men, this fantastic series set in the beginning of the 60s in New York. They treated women like nothing back then, but had great dresses.

2. Reading blogs from places far, far away. Like Knitting Iris in Montana. A state on earth I have never visited, but feel mysteriously drawn to. Very mysteriously in fact, as it's almost as cold as here.

3. Planning for next summers' vacation. Always a trick. Will it be Croatia, Denmark or maybe France? Only the Internet knows.


It's like it's Christmas and it's not even the 15th of October. Luckily those winter tyres are on.


First sliding trip and great fun! Cocoa and chocolate at the pit stopp in the hill.

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Prairie Girl Studio said...

hello arctic mum!
greetings today from your 'southern' friend where the snow had been dusting us and trying oh so hard to stay! we have been hovering around the 0 mark, dipping down to minus 5 at night, but only getting to plus 3 and 4 ... oh yes, i believe the time has come ... to hunker down with a hot cuppa ... or get on the woolies and go outside and play! i LOVE sliding on the snow ~ the kid is in me to stay!
have a most happy day in every way,

Di said...

It looks so cold....we are still in autumn here in Scotland (but then we never really get any snow so close to the coast - just rain and grey.....) with temperatures sometimes as high as they were in July! The sledging/toboganning looks like a lot of fun!

Arctic Mum: said...

Thanks for letting me know there is cold other places than here, sometimes it feels a bit deserted...but winter is nice - Am envious of those scottish July temperatures, though!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

It's getting a bit chilly here in West Michigan, tho not nearly what you are getting. Summer here was ever so brief, twas really more like spring fell into autumn. Soon enough for us, I hear. Perhaps by the end of Oct. we are to have some snow.

nikole said...

wow, already!

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks very cozy and cold
guess there will be no snow here this year


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