Sunday, December 06, 2009

The blue hour

The hour after the sun sets is blue. And it's a constant blue hour this time a year in our part of the big, wide world. Mixed with a hint of yellow and violet.

Lots of people playing on the lake this weekend, some doing cross country skiing, others skating or just playing like us.

I love this kind of weather; cold and clear. It sharpens your brain and refresh your lungs. If that is not healthy, nothing is.

Sorry, but the photos will stay dark until february. Nothing to do about that.

I'm so happy they make the same winter shoes for both big and small persons!

Have a great week. I'll take it easy. Working full time with small children means Christmas preparations is squeezed in between everything else, and I'm not a big baker. We'll make gingerbread though.

What are your plans?

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Kaylovesvintage said...

gingerbread sounds good to me...
love the snow but then I guess is very cold ( for me,lol)

Di said...

Wow the sky looks lovely. I agree that there is nothing better than a crisp cold winter's day - I love sun, blue sky and cold. Although I am not sure I could cope with the cold as you know it!

FOr Christmas - I've made some cards and some presents but will be going home to my parents for Christmas - normally I do a ham cooked in coca cola. Sounds horrible but is actually really nice.

Jane said...

Oh my god such beautifuls pictures. I can´t really figure out what contry you are from. At first I thought you´re from Lofoten in Norway, but now I think you´re finnish. Am i right?

Arctic Mum: said...

I live in the coastal area of Northern Norway. And right now it's very cold!

taylorsoutback said...

Love your images - your skies are so soft & gentle appearing. Our son lives in Alaska & has similar light (& very short days right now:o))He is constantly out & about with his camera. You must be very hardy souls!! Here in Northern Wisconsin, we are "balmy" in comparison. We will be well below zero by the end of the week.
Thank you for sharing glimpses of your part of the world.

Daan said...

for me you live in a winterfairytaleland, that light! (or need i to say darkness)
I love your booties!

Hope to see you next week at the CV!

Amy said...

Those are pretty spectacular colors!

Kimbles said...

Stunning photos and the colours are magical - it does look cold though! Hurray for warm boots! Gingerbread and a hot drink sound just the ticket! Take care

Anonymous said...

Sigh - it reminds me of when I lived in Denmark....lovely.

We sweltered all weekend - a friends bbq in the backyard with a bazillion kids running around and cooling off with iceblocks and cold water.


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