Saturday, December 12, 2009

Summer in winter

The polar night makes it soo hard to get out of bed these days, and we snooze so long that the whole family runs around like headless chickens before we make it out the door.

Helpful then with a bit of summer in winter with this exhibition at the local museum. It's a slide slow running 24/7 with images from the arctic botanical garden the past summer. It's so beautiful, I could stand there for hours (and freeze my butt off).

Right now it's so dark it never gets light, thanks to the rain that suddenly came. The 21st of December is the darkest day for the whole year. Hoping for more snow by then.


Everyone in the north is armed with these two bottles every winter: cod liver oil and vitamin juice. Does magic for your immune system, and replace those missing D-vitamins.

And it doesn't taste like cod liver oil at all, I try to convince myself.

Christmas preparations is still on the low ambition level, but we had great fun making these moomin gingerbread.

All the little chocolate buttons diseappeared in mysterious ways, though.

Thought I'd show my lates vintage buy: a pearl embroided bag with plastic handles. It's very grandmotherly I think, appareantly norwegian. Would love to know more about it, but there's no label. Enclosed a vintage silk scarf from the 70s in the photo, it used to belong to my mother.

I appreciate all comments, lovely to hear from you.

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Nancy said...

I enjoy reading your blog and doubt that I would survive long without sunshine. I'd be hibernating for sure.

jane said...

cod liver oil and vitamin juice- thanks for the tip. somehow i think i can trust you on that one;) besos!

Linda said...

God bless you! I live in Connecticut and it gets dark around 4:30 P.M. now and I think that's hard. The Christmas lights help to keep things bright for me and then after the 21st (like you said) it gets lighter one minute every day?! I think it's one minute. I could look it up on Google but I don't want to. God bless. Linda

SkrekkogGru said...

bildet fra museet var jo kjempekult altså!

whitey said...

I know I could not survive with out light. How do you survive the winter blues, any other tips besides cod liver oil?

Arctic Mum: said... against winter blues when it's always dark:

* Work out
* Getting up and go to bed at the same time every day (boring, but worksome)
* Day light lamps
* Lots of candles and good people around.
* Taking it slow
* And then there's Christmas - and the film festival - and the music festival.
* And then the sun is back.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

I use elderberry syrup to keep the nasty bugs at bay. Apparently it is so full of antioxidants and vitamins, it beats many other supplements. I make the syrup every fall from a huge bush I have in the garden.

Cod liver oil? Wow, I remember my mum giving us those pills in my childhood!

How lovely for the museum to provide you with a light (so to speak) at the end of the tunnel!

Love hearing your bits and bobs from your life up there. Are you in Greenland?

Wishing you happy holidays,


SewLindAnn said...

I really love reading your blog. It's so fascinating. Keep those great pictures coming, I feel like I'm traveling. I could definitely deal with the darkness, but I probably would never get out of my pajamas. Thanks for sharing

Merete said...

Næh, er det ikke Tromsø!? Hvor fint. Og hvor er det en god ide med blomster på museet. Jeg havde en skøn sommerferie i Tromsø i sommer i midnatssol. Men har endnu tilgode at se vinter og nordlys.. Måske jeg kan nå det denne vinter?
Tak for dejlige billeder, længes efter NordNorge, når jeg ser din blog.

Arctic Mum: said...

Yes, Tromsø, Northern Norway, not Greenland (must be much, much colder there..)

Kimbles said...

It is so interesting to read your blog - I think I would go into hibernation mode!! Thank you for sharing! Kim

zelapin said...

hi, i visit for a few days your blog, coming here during a jump from blog to blog session.
it's very exotic for me to learn how your family lives in these arctic region.
i read legends, books about "explorateurs", but i can't really imagine how it is. now, by reading your posts, it's quite realistic.
the colour of the sky is something so important for my mental health (it's not emphatic, i experimented it by spending a year in a different part of france). living in the dark for so long would be a very hard experience for me. but i think the human are able to adapt at this situation, so why not me?
so, i try to send a little bit of the fabulous blue sky we can have in south of france (when the wind called "mistral" is blowing, cold but giving a so particular light).

Anonymous said...

Arctic mum

love reading your blog - it really is a world of difference between where you are and us in the uk.

sending you loads of sunshine (even though we dont have any).


Anonymous said...

I love the Moomin gingerbread! Moomin were amazing to me when I was growing up.

Dette said...

It's very interesting reading about your life in the Artic.My children and I are curious about the light that you have now.Is it completly dark all the time ?,do you have any sunshine at all? or is it more like dusk for a lot of the day?.We live in Scotland our light goes about 4 pm and comes back about 8-8.30 am.
Sorry to sound so ignorant.
Dette ,Scotland

badlandsquilts said...

I'm curious about the cod liver oil & vitamin water? Is the cod liver oil natural?

We live in Minnesota, so while we don't have a polar night, certain an absence of sunshine at times...where specifically are you?


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