Thursday, December 17, 2009

Corner View: Colour coordinated books

Taking up the challenge from Jane: her Corner View theme this week is "books". As an over the average book interested household this is an easy one: our whole flat is filled with books.

For a few years our bookshelf has been colour coordinated. I love it, it's soo much more easy to relocate the books - one always remembers the colour!

That one coming from a person who collected names in alphabetical order as a child.

Some therapist's food right there.

My favourite pile is the blue one. But appareantly my hubby has an idea that the shelf will be organised by authors soon. That it's his turn.

In his dreams.

Billy from Ikea is a great companion. He costed almost zero, everyone should have a Billy in their house. (don't tell Ikea I said that)

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Kaylovesvintage said...

lot of books, love it

and you know I'm happy because I got my snow

André said...
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André said...

I don't dream i just alphabetize!

zelapin said...

of course we have a billy too, a red one (exactelly two for books and one for cd)!
the organisation by colour is a very good idea, i keep it in my poor little brain for the moment i have three red billy!
(i suddendly think we have another billy upstairs, a metallic grey one)

Di said...

Billy Bookshelf is a common theme in homes! But the colour co-ordinated books - I love it!

jane said...

wow that´s a lot of books. i like how they are color coordinated... warm hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love the color idea. When I build up an extensive collection of books, I may try it!

glittermom said...

we have 7 billy's at our house!!

bu&bau said...

So cool!
I love your bookshelves, as they are just like mine :)
It seems that even the arrangement is the same. To large at the tops, two dvd towers ant in the center one small :)
All white too.

I only have color cordination with my craft books, is my "atelier".

I'm loving your blog! I can't imagine me living "up" there, but you make it look so easy and pleasure...

Hugs from Portugal


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