Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cold for Christmas

Christmas is soon over, and I spent it watching Love, Actually over (and over) again and I had my share of tv dramas too. I love watching huge BBC productions with characters in big dresses and repressed manners, like Sense and Sensibility. The olden days makes good tv, and they are still modern.

As my daughter says: First there were the ape people, then came the olden days.

We have spent a lot of time indoors, as is it unusually cold at the moment. Even for polar bears like ourselves.

Maybe the Gulf Stream is on holiday as well?

But what does indoors matters when you have a monster size Barbie Castle to explore? Feel a bit guilty for introducing such a gigantic peace of plastic into the house, but a second hand plastic peace must be better than a new plastic peace, at least.

We've eaten traditional Christmas dishes, and I'm not even gonnu try to translate them into English, as I assume they will seem very odd for others than the northerners.

Playing with a loving granddad is a general classic, though.

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KimT said...

love the pic with grampa. Precious!

Di said...

It looks like you had a lovely Christmas! I did too and we are shivering over here in Scotland - there has been snow and ice for days now and we are not used to this.....heehee!

SkrekkogGru said...

så koselige bilder - ser ut som om dere har hatt en fin jul! Håper vi snart treffes:)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty about the Barbie castle. I am so pleased you ended up with it. Although how it got from my house to your house is my guess! ;) All I know is that my daughter had endless hours playing with it and now your lovely daughters can too.

Thank you for such beautiful photos too - both indoors, outdoors and of Granddad.

zelapin said...

i'm a bit desappointed not to know the ingredients of northpole christmas dishes!
but very happy to read you had a nice christmas eve..
yuo say it's cold, even for you, how much degres? (in celsius!)
in south of france, it was 15°c this afternoon, with great sun. the wind has blown, so the sky had this kind of blue i love (and could hardly live without!).
hope your new year's day will be so happy,
bonne année!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Love Actually is one of my favourite films! Makes me homesick though.

Anonymous said...

I love all the photos!

Kaylovesvintage said...

happy new year

can send me a email, need to get in tocu with you,thanks


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