Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year from the top of the map

Last year faded out in the shape of massive oil torches on the mountain...

...and at 00:00 the numbers of the new year reappeared on the same mountain, along with fantastic fireworks. It was great, we all had a fab new years eve in minus 11 degrees, which is a lot along the coast.

Eight grown ups and seven children celebrated together. It was kind of loud and chaotic, but we all had a blast with roasted turkey and wonderful wine. And sparkles.

We had the traditional round of the table for new years resolutions, where no one remembers the ones they had last year. I don't really have a thing for resolutions, but this time mine are:

* Learn how to crochet
* Climb some mountain tops

I try to avoid the "do more" - resolutions. Makes you just feel inadequate after a while.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and to all women out there - don't try to much.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Kimbles said...

Happy New Year, enjoy learning to Crochet, my favourite craft, you won't regret it, perfect for lovely colourful blankets x

Siena said...

Happy new year to you! I enjoyed the blue light too on my christmas holiday - which was gone far too soon. I hope we will meet in the new year, I can give you a crochet lesson anytime! :)

jane said...

oh! can we learn together? i just bought a "how to crochet" book.... haven´t opened it yet... happy 2010 dear!

Anonymous said...

One of my most favourite memories from living in Austria in snow covered mountains was New Years Eve and the lights in the Snow. Yours look lovely.

Learn to crochet first so you can make something to keep warm when you crest your mountain.


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