Wednesday, March 10, 2010

City images


King Winter still got a grip of this town of mine. It just keeps snowing and snowing.

But what does snow matter when one has a babysitter appointment on Saturday and a sushi- cinema date with Arctic Dad? I think it's been two years since an event like that occured.

Our goal is to have an actual conversation and stay awake to midnight. Wish us luck.


jane said...

your town is so charming! here´s to date night;)

zelapin said...

i'm sure you'll see midnight at the clock (in France, we call this auto-suggestive method "la méthode Coué", based on the name of an amiral, M. Coué).
have a very very nice night!

Di said...

It looks really cold! I hope that spring comes your way soon! I also hope you enjoy your date on Saturday!

Elisabelle said...

good for you!!!
Love your city :)

Stephanie Cain Sherman said...

Your town looks adorable (and made to be covered with all that snow!) Enjoy that date night!

Maria said...

The town looks pretty covered in snow
Have a wonderful "date night"!!!

Donyale said...

Sigh, love the shots. Reminds me so much of Vejen, Denmark, 26 years ago when I lived there. Sigh. Wish I was there now - or Saturday - to interupt your Date Night...;)

If it's anything like our date nights, we enjoy the night, but spend part of it missing the kids and talking about them.


(heh heh - my word verification is 'snesan' - what a great hybrid word for snow/sne and sushi/san - don't know if anyone else will see that kooky connection - might be just me and my head cold tablets kicking in!!!)

Francesca said...

It's a very long winter, isn't it, and frankly I feel like I'm also turning into an arctic mum:)! Enjoy your date tomorrow!

victoria said...

I just stumbled across your lovely blog, I should have done it a couple of months ago when I still lived in Tromsø. We could then have met for coffee :)
It will be nice to follow you and keep updated with the city life!

PROVINS said...

I hope you had a lovely night!!


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