Sunday, March 14, 2010

Overcoming the art of skiing trauma

My relationship to these objects is of the complicated kind.

I hated to go Nordic skiing as a child. My sporty parents stopped dragging me along when I was ten, since I always cried.

A happy decision cause all I wanted was to sit in my granny's kitchen and cut out pictures of Princess Diana from magazines.

The golden rule is not to transfer your own fears and complexes to your children, right?

A challenge now that they are slowly learning this sports. I try not to pressure, even though some of my old feelings towards skiing arise.

But I have overcome my skiing trauma. I enjoy it now, and you'll even find me alone in the slopes some evenings. Like tonight.

And there's plenty of time to practice. As you can see from our main view at the moment: spring is not even close.


jane said...

i´m the opposite. i used to love to ski, but now i´d rather hang out reading and drinking hot chocolate while waiting for my skiing family:)

Stephanie Cain Sherman said...

In my imagination, I'm an excellent skier. In real life, not so much -- hah. I do love snow, though, and I think that photo of your window view is amazing -- looks like it's halfway up the side of the house!

Anna of Helylle said...

Finally we've had a winter worth it's name. Can't remember that happening since I moved to these parts. Love your photos. Greetings from a reborn ski lover!

Donyale said...

See! This is WHY we have to house swap.

I started skiing when I was 4 (it was a good 5 - 6 hour trip to snow back then), and in my mid/late 20's I worked in Austria and Australia teaching others how to love my passion for skiing. Had a great time.

My kids love going too.

I dragged my 7 year old over to look at the photo of your 'window view' and he said to me "See MUM! I told you there were houses in the north pole".

He would also like to know if you speak "Antarctic" or English...;)

Di said...

It does look beautiful! I am so glad that you are able to enjoy being outdoors in the all that beautiful snow. I would love to try cross country skiing but we rarely have enough snow!

Francesca said...

I also hated skiing as a child. It was back in the prehistoric times when waterproof and well insulated clothes had not been invented. I was always soo cold!

Theresa said...

That's great. I love the image of you cutting out Lady Di pics :)

Kimbles said...

I have skied a couple of times and thought I loved it but second time fell quite heavily and lost my nerve - keep thinking I want to go again - stick to the 'green' slopes and go at my own pace and not feel pressure to 'go faster' Lol! **Kim**x

Kaylovesvintage said...

well done,my dear!!

Arctic Mum: said...

Thanks for your comments, it's strange how feelings from your childhood tend to pop up when parenting goes on...Donyale, so funny you loving skiing, then living on one of the hottest places on the planet! Geography can be unfair - believe me, I know.

liza said...

Great post. I often wonder what (besides Legos) my son will be passionate about. I'm having trouble letting it evolve, not pushing or hoping or projecting too much!


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