Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Food for the spring starved

It was sunny, the scenery was beautiful, there were few signs of snow, the temperature was pleasant and we skipped the hats: It was food for the spring starved from the north.

Easter holiday was all about taking in maximum of spring for five days and meeting our family that we see way too rarely.

Who made this country so long? I want a word with him/her.

Saturday there was a market in the old part of the town.

Got this beautiful metallic lilac tray.

Arctic Dad stumbled over this 70s Polaroid. Can someone enlighten me why men tend to show vintage interest only when there are technical gadgets in sight?

My father gave me this book that was given to my great, great, great grandmother back in 1853. That's quite a long time ago.

I'm named after her and I'm writing this post on her dining table from 1856.

In the meantime it was melting madly back home. More about that soon.


Valarie said...

So glad you found a few moments of spring. We found a poloroid over easter as well. It's so hard to find the film and when you do it's so expensive but we are having so much fun.

Di said...

It really does look like spring. I am so glad that you enjoyed it.....I love the colours in all those buildings - so much better than our own grey!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. The old part of town is so beautiful.

I would dearly *love* a polaroid--and you know they are making polaroid film again--

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I love these colorful photos.

Stephanie said...

Love the metallic tray, the Polaroid and the book. And that you're writing about your great great great grandmother on her old dining room table. You just can't buy that sort of connection. Also, your observation about your country being long -- too funny.

liza said...

Oh, how absolutely beautiful and charming. I can feel the warmth. I'd love to see more!

PROVINS said...

Looks like a lovely trip!! I am a bit envious of the polaroid :-)

Jonas said...

Did Arctic Dad buy it? If so, I want to see some scans!

Arctic Mum: said...

Once Arctic Dad gets his salary he will order the film from Germany.

Francesca said...

I also live in a long country. It's inconvenient, I agree. And we have mountain ranges right in the middle of our thin boot, so that we can easily travel only on either sides, and not across. Hope you'll skip the coats soon:)

kendra said...

oh, i love the looks of that street fair! what treasures! and a heck of a lot more sunshine than we've been getting now. don't believe the blog - it's been rain non-stop! : )


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