Thursday, April 29, 2010

A wicked spring game

We had the most promising outing last weekend: The spring had cleared away the snow on our favourite beach.

We played in the sand for hours, making castles and putting rubber boots in the sea. It was great.

We were sunbathing, eating muffins, throwing the gloves and hats and planning a Sex and the City Party.

All the time knowing that spring was playing a wicked game with us. April doesn't hold a very strong record of green feelings.

For how long was Adam in paradise? The blizzards came already the day after. It was like spring would kick me on the leg, shouting "did you forget where you live already?"

So there I am, fighting my way through the snow. Listening a lot to this while waiting for that spring.


Donyale said...

Lovely photos - the kids and I spend hours down the beach when the weather is right too - but we don't have to wear rubber boots and so much clothing.

Siena said...

The spring in northern Norway is capricious. Always.

Mary said...

what an amazing landscape you live in!
thanks for your comments :)

Stephanie said...

Interesting music. Thanks for sharing.

I *love* your beach photos. The juxtaposition of all that sand with the snowy peaks in the distance. Can you tell me whereabouts that is?

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

We are having the hottest and driest April in 150 years.

Would you believe I prefer your weather over mine? True, hate the heat, love the cold and snow.


Victoria said...

Oh I miss those mountains and the view from "Bukta" :) we are still waiting for spring too,I think it has forgotten to visit northern Norway :)

zelapin said...

this year, we've waited for spring such a long time... hum, that's what i could say if i hadn't take a look at your pictures!
but really, for south of france, the weather was quite special, we had snow on 10th of march, very unusual.
today was cmoudy but wednesday, on a place named "étang de Thau", children could play on the beach, run in water (not swimming "quand même"!).
thank you for your pictures.
i try to send you a little part of our heat and sun.

likeschocolate said...

While we don't have snow here in April, the days can be wiked hot one day and very cool the next.

Anonymous said...

I love how your posts transfer me to the Arctic!

Maria said...

Love the photos. It looks so funny to me to see you with so many clothes on at the beach. For us, even on a cool spring day it is usually only shorts and t-shirts

Elisabelle said...

wonderful images!

liza said...

So similar to here! We're having snow, clouds, wind. It's hard! Your children are adorable... I love that second photo. You must frame that one.

Francesca said...

Is that you? I don't know what's happening to Europe's climate this year. One day is hot, and the next (several) are cold. We're spoiled over here, and only dip our feet in the sea when we can be shoeless.

Fine Little Day said...

Oh that enviroment of yours.


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