Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On what Daylight 24/7 does to you

So here's what 24 hours of daylight does to a body and soul: it makes the body move around a lot, and the soul restless.

This is for instance what I did today:
*Bringing my children to kindergarten
*Working at my brand new job
*Eating dinner out
*Putting my children to bed (explaining that no, coins are not considered a cuddly bear)
*Filling the dishwasher
*Hanging up clothes and start a new machine
*Cleaning the bathroon
*Vacuuming the whole flat
*Waching the finale of American Idol(my guilty pleasure)on You Tube whilst wrapping two gifts and eating crisps
*Run out to take these pictures of the Midnight Sun, which happends to be the end of my street - this week's Corner View.
*Saying bye, bye to the pile of snow who have surrended (almost)to the power of the sun.
*Writing this blog post and maybe have a conversation with Arctic Dad (ooups, too late).

But sleep? Not in a million years.



Siena said...

I know the feeling!

zelapin said...

it's really amazing for me. i hate winter and shorts days but i wonder what could do 24h of sunlight. now, i can imagine a bit!

Skrekk & Gru said...

så nydelig det øverste bildet var!

Theresa said...

So amazing to imagine experiencing this!

Nancy said...

I can only would really wire me! Do you keep very dark curtains over the windows? How do you manage with the kids?

Astrid said...

Jeg har enda ikke opplevd midnattsolen, men det står definitivt på ønskelisten.

likeschocolate said...

I grew up in Alaska, so I totally get the sun thing. It was always fun trying to con my mom into letting me stay up later because it wasn't dark yet of course. Didn't really work too much though. She had my number.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hello arctic mum. just bumped into you in a 'spain daily' comment. will be back! :) grtz


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