Thursday, June 03, 2010

Corner View: From where I'm sitting

Just another rainy Thursday, having pancakes with blueberry jam and bacon.

Come to think of it: I like ordinary days the best. It's the ordinary days that count.

But look what grey Thursdays can bring: a mini banner giveaway from the super lovely Camille in the mail. Shipped all the way from Utah US to the Arctic!

(and I just can't keep my hands off this iPhone app Shakeit which is Polaroid for the lazy)

More Midnight sun when it decides to come through the clouds.


jane said...

mmmmm!... and i so want an iphone...

Francesca said...

I love all these iphone photos that are popping up in blogs, makes you wonder what will happen to cameras, really!
Hope the sun comes through the clouds soon for you!

Kaylovesvintage said...

pancake..tell me about your pancakes

Stephanie said...

I like these pics.

And I like the ordinary days, too.

AND, I also got a banner from the lovely Camille -- cool, huh? :)


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