Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Snow in June

This is the view the other night: snow in June. You would think someone out/up there was playing some strange game if you didn't know this was normal.

We still dare to go on a bicycle ride. And me myself is going on an ego trip to Spain tomorrow. Business, but certainly pleasure checking that temperature!

Will my body go into shock?

I'll leave you with the always cool Stellan Skarsgard in the original version of Insomnia, shot not far from here. He's investigeting a murder, only finding himself so derrenged by the Arctic summer that he starts to mess it up. Can't blame him.


liza said...

Yes, we sometimes have it, too. But today is 70 degrees and beautiful. I hope Spain is so much fun!
ps Your little ones are very sweet!

Di said...

Snow! We had massive hailstones recently.....but not snow. However, they were skiing in Scotland until 2 days ago - that's nothing short of a miracle a 5 month ski season!

Enjoy Spain - my friend is in Seville and it was 38 degrees last week but much more tolerable this week!

likeschocolate said...

The good thing with June snow is that it never stays. Hope warmer weather is heading your way!

Stephanie said...

Gah! It's really true, you have snow in June!

Have a great time on your trip (and yes, I love Stellan Skarsgaard too -- did you see him in The Glass House? Creepy ...)

Fine Little Day said...

How strange, but kind of exciting.


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