Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Juliette Lewis Summer Date

Look what the cat dragged in: Summer for one day in the Arctic. Luckily it was the same day as the annual Bukta Open Air Festival who takes place on our tiny island. It's as idyllic as it looks.

My friend Ida lives in Australia, but this summer she enjoys a cold beer back home.

The two of us jumped up and down to the one and only Juliette Lewis. Nothing wrong with her ego, she declared herself queen of the Midnight Sun. But I guess she was pretty blown away by it Saturday night.

She sure has a lot of energy and is very cool. Should I have asked her how Johnny Depp is? But she looks like she doesn't care about Hollywood stars anymore.

I guess Robyn would be my dream artist on this stage next year. Can you hear me, booking people?

Now it's all back to this grey weather. Which is perfect for fishing!


Di said...

Sounds like an exciting event! Nothing better than small scale..... it's been grey and cool here in Scotland too!!

Nancy said...

It does look idyllic! happy 'one day of summer' and wishing many more for you.

Anonymous said...

Where is my pic?

liza said...

Oh, it's beautiful, even the gray fishing day! Thank you for these... they are just so pretty.

liza said...

ps... except maybe the one of Juliette Lewis on stage ;)

Janet said...

oh my goodness. I've just found your blog. LOVING that someone else lives in a sometimes grey place. We do a lot of crab fishing as well and grey days are indeed perfect for this. Thanks for your lovely blog.


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