Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barn Love

I love this barn and this view. I love my late grandmother's old house and that the barn is still there.

I'll be on a seminar on the Hurtigruten the next couple of days. Not the time and place to get seasick, but highly likely. Bring my camera, though.

Maybe I'll get some nice shots of the Lofoten Islands!


Di said...

The barn is lovely! Old n all! And enjoy your travels on the hurtigruten - my parents did the whole trip 2 years ago and loved it!!

lorena said...

oh how can you NOT love that barn and that view!!

peace to you!

likeschocolate said...

The world needs to thank Sweden for it's red barns. Yahoo! They brought them to America. Have fun in Boston. I hope you enjoy your visit to the states.

Theresa said...


Anonymous said...

Hi , first time i saw your blog today . Your photos are so good . I am from greece and most of the year we have warm weather .The houses are are so nice. They have an athosphere.

Axaliko from greece

Anonymous said...

i mean atmosphere , my english are not good . sorry .
axaliko from greece


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