Monday, August 30, 2010

There's a Clock in my Kitchen


07:10 making breakfast and getting dressed
07:45 go brush teeth
08:00 out of the door (15 minutes too late)

Our daily routine would be wrecked without this clock from the shop at my favourite place Lousiana.

Another kitchen favourite is Nigella. I love her, I do. I love that it's not diet food. And sometimes the things I make looks just like the pictures.

Did you know I'm a member of Norwegian Interiour Blogs? You should check them out! This jug is a flea market find from Denmark.

The vintage 70's clock on the kitchen shelf is for decor only. Unless I want to tic tac torture someone, of course.

Have a great week! I'll spend mine looking for a new house.


Jacey said...

The flea market jug is beautiful, I love jugs!!!
Jacey x

Di said...

I loved Louisiana when I visited - a gloriously warm summer's day about 4 years ago - it's a great museum and a beautiful location - how I'd love a summer house on the coast with a deck stretching out into the sea.

I love the clock - it's really cheerful!

Good luck with the house hunting!

likeschocolate said...

I love Nigella too! If you have ever seen her on the telly, I love how food is something to enjoy.

Dorit said...

I like your style :)and thanks for the link to the norwegian interior blogs, I had forgot about that

Tracy said...

I love that jug from the flea market. I wish I could read the norwegian design site - how fun. Good thing the the picture say so much, they are so pretty.

Nancy said...

I love Nigella, too. Diet food, definitely not. Love all your vintage touches.


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