Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Vintage Swaps sneak peek (and some thrifting)

I couldn't resist this summers Vintage Swaps. It's so much fun, last time was a blast. This time I'm sending off to Tracy from the beautiful blog Ladybug-n-Turtle in Minnesota. How cool is that! Right now the package is on it's way to the Atlantic.

Some other thrifting in the meantime: A pyrex bowl(I remember my grandmother had these) Love the style.

And two Figgjo bowls of unknown pattern for my girlies.

For 10£ (!) this leather coat was mine in the local op shop. The lining smells like it's been hanging in someone's closet for 30 years (which it probobly has). But nothing a spray of lavender oil can't fix.

See you soon!


Siena said...

Cool coat! I miss having flea markets and thrift stores around...

Anonymous said...

amazing light in these photos! all your finds look fabulous

ibb said...

Cool coat!
Beautiful green, love it...and the price...more.


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