Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To Soak up the Last Sun

It's about time to say goodbye to the sun again. I did it last year. And the year before that.

These days I pop out in the lunch break to soak up the last sunshine. It doesn't matter if the traffic is heavy outside my office.

And I listen to this song a lot. It reflects my pace and mood when the Polar Night is here.


Anonymous said...

And to think people in Aberdeen complain because there are only about 6 hours of light in mid-winter here! (That's on a clear day - less if it's bad weather.) I'm glad you have your daylight lamp and not just a memory of the sun.

farnell doodles said...

your blog is brilliant

Di said...

Good luck with the dark....we will have our own "dark" here - but it's as Christine says - we do at least get light for 6 hours or so - if the sun is out.

likeschocolate said...

Has it snow there all ready? I know when you have only a few hours of sun every day you have to grab what you can.

Malyss said...

that's a kind of good bye a few people on earth may enjoy.It must be so strange..So, it's time for us to say "good night" to you?..:))

denise said...

Nice view!


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