Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A 1963 dinner on New Years Eve

This is my dear friend Ida with her husband on New Years Eve 2010. Or rather 1963, which was the theme of the night. Can't you spot it?

Mock crayfish cocktail to start with. Unfortunately I weren't there, because Ida lives in Australia and there's a 30 hour flight between us.

No one can cook like her, and there is no such hostess either.

This is the 1963 menu even Betty Draper can't beat: Scandinavian meat balls, Cold salmon, Scallop potatoes, Czech potato salad, Lime pineapple and cucumber jelly salad, Boeuf bourguignon and Mashed potatoes.

Omelette Norvégienne. So 1963.

When Ida phoned 16 years ago to tell me she'd met a dashing Aussie an a remote beach in Thailand, I never would've predicted marriage, a daughter and a permanent stay as long from the Arctic as can be. Life can take unexpected turns!

I'll be back on Saturday with a Return of the Sun Day report!


Wendy said...

Absolutely classic. I love the idea and she pulled it off so well!

liza said...

I'm sorry you weren't together - this looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

How did my mother and father get into your blog??!! That looks like such a fun party.

Nancy said...

It's the lime jello that makes the party!! Thanks for sharing--

jane said...

what a great idea! i swear i thought it was a picture from the 60s. happy weekend dear!

Malyss said...

You had me! what a funny idea! I really thought it was your parents or an old picture!!It's a very good thema for a party!

Kaylovesvintage said...

cool a vintage party

Stephanie said...

Oh, I want this whole menu. Thank you!


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